Friday, May 18, 2012

Meet Intern Amber!

I love learning about people and their stories. People’s stories are just as exciting as those that we embrace as children—of mermaids and princesses, trials and survivals. The story of the grandmother who raised her children all by herself contains just as much hope and tribulation as that of a classic novel. I could think of no better way of spending my life than in exploring these stories, and learning about the people who tell them. Because of this love people, and my passion for creativity, I am attending Bowling Green State University with a major in Film Production and a minor in Entrepreneurship. With this degree, I plan to make my own business that uses my creative side to make innovative videos for people, highlighting their stories. My business, called The Memory Market, will provide videography for weddings and community events, as well as transferring home videos onto DVDs and providing editing services for these videos that are full of people’s stories.

I’m excited to be an intern for Fraley Memory Productions this summer. My hope is to walk away with a greater knowledge of the inner workings of a videography business, as well as greater knowledge on programs used in the business, items that my education at Bowling Green will not teach me. Thanks to Craig and Ashley for this amazing opportunity!