Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wedding Video Gallery

All videos are posted in a lower resolution . The final product will be a higher quality. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Senior Model Search

Let the search begin...
FMP is currently seeking high school juniors (will be seniors in the fall) to be our Class of 2013 models! As a part of this deal you will represent FMP at your school and help us build our business, but in return you will receive our PLATINUM senior session FREE of charge and have the opportunity to receive AWESOME discounts on picture packages! We will accept 1 representative from each local high school on a first come first serve basis! Contact Ashely and Craig now to set up your appointment for late April/early May and secure your position as an FMP model!!!!
Here's what you will get for free-
Platinum Photo Shoot (a value of  $150.00)

2 to 2.5 hour Photo shoot
5 outfits
Indoor and Outdoor Photos (shot on 2 different days)
Color and Black and White Prints
Photo Collage included in proofs

Free 7x9 proof book of photos

As a model we ask that you help us promote our business by showing off your pictures to your senior friends at school.  As a reward for every referral you send us you will receive $10.00 off your photo package or (in the case that you've already paid for and received your pictures) you will receive a free 8x10 or 8 wallets. 

Economy Package $90.00

40 Wallets (chose up to 2 different prints)
4 5x7 (up to 4 different prints)
2 8x10 (up to 2 different prints)

Class of 2013 Special $160.00

88 Wallets (choose up to 4 different prints)
6 5x7 (up to 4 different prints)
3 8x10 (up to 3 different prints)

Deluxe Package $275.00

120 Wallets (choose up to 5 different prints)
6 5x7 (up to 4 different prints)
4 8x10 (up to 4 different prints)
1 16x20 Collage or 3 8x10 Collage Photos

Platinum Package $425.00

160 Wallets (Choose up to 5 different prints)
8 5x7 (up to 4 different prints)
6 8x10 (up to 4 different prints)
DVD of photos with the right to reproduce on your own

Ala Carte (add on to any package from the Class of 2013 Special and higher)

Additional 12 Wallets $16.00
Additional 5x7 $3.00
Additional 8x10 $12.00
Additional 11x14 $24.00
Additional 16x20 $50.00

Contact Craig or Ashley-